About Paul Henry

About Paul HenryPaul Henry was born and raised in England, the youngest of three sons. He attended school and University in England and became a lawyer before emigrating to Canada – specifically Vancouver, to join his two brothers, who were already there.

In Vancouver, he worked in skid row as a street worker with young people at risk and with homeless adults. Because of Paul’s legal experience, he was placed at the Provincial Courthouse on Main Street in Vancouver to be a resource for lawyers and judges in placing those in conflict with the law in residential treatment programmes for those addicted to alcohol and drugs. Later he moved to Kamloops where he worked with a public legal education project, before qualifying as a lawyer in British Columbia 36 years ago.

Paul Henry moved to Kelowna to take up a position as staff lawyer with the legal aid office in Kelowna, involved in poverty law. He has had his own legal practice in Kelowna now for 20 years.

He has taken numerous courses in mediation practice, collaborative law, and parenting coordination. Paul is a member and former chair of the Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group; a member of The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and of Family Mediation Canada. He is on the roster of the Hear the Child Society and the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society.

Paul Henry is on the Board of the John Howard Society of the Central Okanagan and on the Board of the Provincial John Howard Society.

“Family is all important to me. I have two daughters of whom I am immensely proud. One has a degree in zoology and works as a wildlife rehabilitator. The other has a degree in food sciences and is now studying at the University of British Columbia to be a Doctor of Pharmacy.

An avid outdoorsman, Paul enjoys hiking, backpacking, running, cross-country skiing and just being in the outdoors.

“Pushing myself to my limit was a goal in the past, with me completing a number of 50 mile running races and a mountain trail 100 mile race.” A budding clarinetist, Paul has recently taken up drumming. Paul loves the theatre both as a spectator and an actor. Paul has acted in four Shakespeare Kelowna plays.

“I believe in three principles above all, central to Judaism: tikkun olam and gemilut chasadim: healing the world, acts of loving kindness and the golden rule.”

“I have the same commitment in helping my clients resolve their legal problems as I had when  I ran a 50 mile race: total focus and determination on getting the job done in the best way possible.”

“My commitment is to listen to people with my full attention; find out what their goals and needs are, and help them to reach their goals and fulfil their needs.”