About Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator

Paul Henry - Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator - Kelowna Collaborative LawPaul Henry: Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator: Resolving family problems in a constructive and respectful way

I work to understand my client’s needs, concerns, and goals in a comfortable atmosphere. I do not see my clients behind a desk; I work with my clients at a round table. It is my aim to lessen my clients’ stress and help them to move forward with their lives. It is my commitment to provide my clients with the highest quality legal help in certain specific fields:

  • adoptions, international adoptions
  • cohabitation agreements: agreements for people intending to live together as companions and prenuptial or marriage agreements
  • divorce and family mediation
  • the ending of a common law relationship or marriage like relationship
  • the ending of a same sex relationship
  • separation agreements
  • acting as a Parenting Coordinator
  • interviewing and completing reports on the views of children
  • negotiating family related agreements and drafting agreements in plain english

My focus is to assist my clients to resolve conflict, by seeking agreement in a constructive and respectful way using the collaborative family law model or interest based mediation.